Once upon a time there were little ma and pa video stores everywhere. It's where you went if you wanted to rent movies, talk movies, experience movies. Basically cohabitate with your fellow man.

Then came the chains. Hollywood, Blockbuster, etc. And with them went our shared intimacy inherent with movies. Suddenly, renting movies became like so much of everything in life: sterile experiences of instant overgratification.

The natural evolution of things led to Netflix, Redbox, and OnDemand. Now there was no need for the middle man. No need for people period. The experience of movies could be just like the movies themselves: devoid of life. Any spark of community and companionship replaced by a streamlined artificiality. Chunks of preprocessed entertainment delivered to you by a robot. Try asking your Redbox kiosk if it can recommend anything good. If it could respond it would give you Legally Blond 6: Lost in Witchita. And only because that's the last DVD it has stored in it's tiny system after a busy weekend.

Well, we love movies too much to see it all end in some horrible Orwellian dystopia like that. We rent movies. And we do it with the same care with which we do just about everything else. Our collection spans the best of the best: tried and true favorites, hidden gems, foreign masterpieces, challenging obscurities, and a couple of WTF's for good measure. Plus, unlike our robot competition, we don't have to wait 4-6 weeks for major titles. The day a movie is released on DVD is the day it goes on our shelves.

Our mission is to bring back the true experience of renting a movie. Talking about them, pondering them, and, most importantly, sharing them. We're your nerd behind the counter.

Eat Great. Rent Movies. It's That Easy.

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The Box Office Cafe is located at

2642 Main Street in South Chatham
Rte 28 and Morton Rd, just before the Harwich Line